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  • Electric bikes get popular

    Rachel L. Davis is an avid bicyclist. But as a working mother of two with a third on the way, she doesn't have time for long bike rides.“In my world, getting my exercise has to be part of my daily life,” says Davis, 36, who owns a marketing strategy company based in Washington.She found a solution i

  • What to know before you buy an electric bike

    “E-bikes” — bicycles with battery-powered motors that can assist a rider’s pedaling — have grown in popularity around the world. In Europe, e-bikes account for 50 percent of all bicycle sales. The Seattle metro area is following the trend: As bike lanes proliferate, fitness resolutions escalate, the

  • Could e-bikes be the future

    I was panting my way up quite a steep climb on my bicycle, when suddenly a rider shot past me on what looked like a shopping bike.Not only did this feel like a huge insult to my climbing prowess, what made it worse was the guy must have been over 65.Catching him up took a lot of effort and as I sat

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